Thursday, March 22, 2012

Booster Club Fundraising for Free

Booster Club Fundraising for Free by Corbin Reynolds


Booster club fundraising has become incredibly important over the past few years due to the lack of funding from schools. Many of these organizations have been forced to deal with funding efforts completely on their own. This has caused many to experiment with various booster club fundraising ideas to find the greatest success.
When considering an effective fundraising idea, many events come to mind. Fundraising sales for cookie dough, candles, scratch cards, chocolate and more have always been common, but sales have been less effective in recent years. Supporters are not able to purchase goods to support their local booster club as in the past, due to the struggling economy, causing fundraising ideas to change.
School organizations are replacing their scratch card fundraising efforts with new online campaigns. Raising money via the Internet has shown to be an incredibly profitable fundraiser over the past few years, not to mention incredibly easy. Each time someone makes a purchase online, they have the option of donating a percent of the purchase to a nonprofit organization. This is incredibly easy. People can shop, and support their favorite organization without spending more than they already do.
Another great aspect of online fundraising is that it is completely free to sign up for. Booster clubs and other school organizations can simply fill out a free registration form and start earning immediately. With a system like this, profit margins are at an astounding 100% unlike cookie dough fundraising and product sales.
Booster clubs using online fundraising have already seen huge success. Some clubs are earning an average of $20 per person in the first week's time. With earnings like these, many fundraisers have been completely moved online. If you're interested in an effective booster club fundraising idea, be sure to look into online fundraising and get started earning for your organization today.

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