Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fundraiser Ideas

3 Fundraiser Ideas You'd Never Think Of... by Overcome Everything Inc. - Josh Burns


When you're coming up with fundraiser ideas, what comes to mind?
If you're like 99% of the people out there, you're thinking bake sales, canvassing neighborhoods, and other difficult, low reward strategies...
But in the next few years, some new fundraiser ideas will be sweeping the social landscape, and it's in your best interest to dive in now.
One of the most powerful fundraiser ideas I've ever come across is something you may have heard of... it's called crowdfunding, and of all the fundraiser ideas out there, it's one of the easiest to pull off - plus, it's got incredible potential for meeting or exceeding your fundraising goals.
Here are some examples of fundraiser ideas that have been successfully funded with crowdfunding:
Fundraiser ideas example #1: Tellman Knudson, a very successful online business owner (and he's also my employer, by the way) tested out one of his fundraiser ideas on a crowdfunding site and raised $6,911.01 to help fund a documentary about his barefoot trek across country for youth homelessness.
Fundraiser ideas example #2: Some college aged software designers had some fundraiser ideas for getting enough cash to take time off for the summer to create a new kind of social network...
They raised over $200,000, which was about $190,000 more than they asked for.
Fundraiser ideas example #3: Eric Schwabel, a photographer from Venice Beach California decided to raise some dough to make a "human light suit" so he could get high quality photographs at Burning Man 2010. All told he pulled in $2,358 of his $2,100 goal.
So, how is it that all these people are able to raise such incredible sums of cash so quickly online? Well, it all boils down to the crowdfunding efforts they used to make their fundraising ideas a reality.
Crowdfunding works by using the Internet and social media to reach out to potential donors online, rather than having to go door to door or hope for the best with a bake sale. The "old-school" fundraiser ideas still work, but compared to crowdfunding they're difficult, time consuming, and ultimately risky.
If your fundraiser ideas don't work on one of the crowdfunding sites, you'll be out about 90 minutes worth of work and as much as $50.00. If they do work, you could end up making far more than you intended through the power that crowdfunding and the Internet can put behind your fundraiser ideas.
To learn more about crowdfunding, hit the next page, and sign in to grab a free audio that goes into detail about this new and exciting way of making your fundraiser ideas take wing and soar:


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